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Naturally, Pepsi removed the ad within 24 hours and apologised after the backlash. ‘Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding’, they said in a statement. ‘Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize. Are you a professional? Do you own your own business? You can promote it by writing […]

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“There is a kind of uniform monotony in the fate of man,” Natalia Ginzburg observes in her essay “Winter in the Abruzzi.” She is referring not to our time but to hers. In 1941, Ginzburg’s husband was sent into internal exile in Italy because he was an anti fascist; she and their children accompanied him. […]

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Meanwhile, other plot threads are more procedural, with Winslet trying to contain Minneapolis, Cotillard following the trail back to Macau (and getting caught up in her own thriller) and Ehle searching for a vaccine. And even if some strands fall through the cracks (Cotillard’s experience is badly truncated), the events give the excellent cast the […]

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Though it isn’t poisonous, volcanic ash is abrasive and can irritate eyes and lungs when a person is exposed to it. A dense fall may suffocate livestock. Fine particles of ash may remain airborne for many years and drift over oceans and continents. Let start by looking at your situation this way: Everyone needs friends. […]